Free Live Chat Software for Website

SPEXE — Rapid, reliable, easy to use and secure Live Chat Software for your websites. Live Support Chat, for your business. Instant feedback from your customers improves their experience with your site and boosts sales. Your operators will be able to communicate with clients via Pidgin, Adium and other programs installed on any PC, MAC or tablet, while customers will be talking to them via a chat.

Free Live Support Chat


Demo mode for up to 6 operators for 14+ days.
No restrictions of the number of sites or dialogs.
All features are available regardless of subscription type.
All dialogs are encrypted and archived, SSL is supported.
Users can select an operator on their own.


Communication with site visitors via a Jabber messenger.
The chat works both in an integrated and a popup window.
informing about visitors location, page and search queries.
Buttons: Feedback, Call-back, offline message to email.
Simple dialog handover to another operator.

An online customer service representative on your website via any chat client that supports Jabber/XMPP protocol

We provide access to our system for your customer service representatives so they can manage customer support on your website.
This means that you communicate with your customers or visitors yourself via our system. The customer or visitor contacts you on your website via chat using the customer service representative call button, and you respond via a chat client that supports Jabber protocol such as ICQ.

Communication with customers (online customer service representative, online support, chat with visitors) is an essential component of your business success. Constructive dialogue, prompt responses to questions: online customer support puts you a step ahead of your competitors.

See for yourself: a visitor enters your website searching for products or information they need. They lose themselves in the volume of choices. An online customer service representative can help them handle all this and provide answers to questions via live chat.

If your website doesn’t include an online customer support system, your business risks losing potential customers. Now think of how many customers you lose this way per day, week, month...

If you don’t respond to your customers, you offer them to your competitors and lose income.

Spexe: is an online website customer service system that makes communicating with customers simple and convenient. This contributes to increased sales. The facts are in our favour: by reacting instantly to website visitor questions we can considerably increase your Web project’s conversion rate.

Convenience, simplicity and speed for instant messaging centre tasks. Your customer contacts an online customer service representative via your website, who responds via Jabber. The customer service representative’s line status updates without having to reload the webpage. If the customer service representative is off-line, messages can be sent via eMail. With Spexe you’re always online, available to answer questions, sell and increase income.
The key factor of visitor service quality, or more precisely online business customer service quality, is modern Internet business communications. It would be unfair to compare eMail communication with instant messaging via a website using online customer service representatives and an online customer service system.
Whether it be an online store or a customer service website, or simply a Web project that needs online support with the help of live online customer support via Spexe, you can increase your website’s conversion coefficient considerably. This is directly linked to the manner in which Spexe boosts sales.
Web customer service systems are one of the key elements of successful modern Internet marketing. Any Web project can afford to integrate the Spexe customer support system and begin receiving orders via its website now!
Businesses with repeat customers in their arsenal can enhance service and provide online Internet support. Your online customer service representative will be able to answer customer questions immediately.

Spexe: is a powerful professional online customer support service. All messages are received by a customer service representative via a regular chat client that supports Jabber/XMPP protocol.

Popular Web customer support systems can’t offer you these possibilities. Their feature set is incomplete or they’re extremely expensive. In general, no serious project can do without an online customer support system. These are usually called live chat, live contact, customer support, live messenger or live customer help.
Certain systems, such as Marva or Webim, once installed on your hosting service or Web server, can load them considerably. This results in your whole website being sluggish.

Spexe: doesn’t affect your hosting service or Web server. The system is hosted on our Web servers and served by our company.

We don’t use your database, therefore system updates don’t require you to make any changes to your website or server.
We’d like to underline the fact that most similar systems force you to communicate via their website or using their own chat client. Spexe allows you to use any modern chat client that has Jabber/XMPP protocol support (there are many) on various operating systems and for diverse tastes.
You probably already use such a chat client. It could be QIP, Miranda, MDC, iChat, Adium, Pandion, Pidgin, Psi, qutIM, Jabbim, Gajim, etc. Nearly all of the preceding clients allow connecting to ICQ, AIM, Google Talk, MSN and other IMs concurrently with Jabber.

You don’t need anything else other than an application to communicate with your contacts and customers via Spexe.

Of course, there are some customer support systems for budding Internet projects that propose free service, with the corresponding quality and security level. These are unacceptable for managing a serious Internet business.
Additionally, each of them bundles links and advertising within its code.
Such systems cannot compete with Spexe. They don’t exist for long or tend to improve and become stable. They simply can’t afford to.
However, Spexe has set up shop here for the long haul. We know the value of our solutions. A serious online user support system needs service and constant supervision. Our customers, like no-one else, understand this and trust us.
We could go on and on, but it’s simpler to use the system live. Especially since there’s a free 14-day trial!