For partners

We are open to mutually beneficial cooperation
For our partners, we provide special terms for connection, design special functionality, finding new business solutions.. Earn with us

We do not limit the number of sites at where have the calling code.
Not prohibited to sell and re-sell access to the system and earn on this.
We have developed special wholesale rates.
You pay for access to the desired number of operators
and use them on your own without violating laws of the country in which you are located.
You can find clients and get 25% of each payment of your client.

Partner reward

Partner reward is 25% of any amount of payment for both standard and wholesale tariffs and dedicated server, on all the while working with a client. Payments are made automatically once a month to the account partner in the PayPal (switch fee paid partner). Partner can fully or partially pay for access operator to the system from the accumulated percents, automatically in your account, in the payment section.

How it works

For a start partner must sign up and to contact us with a request to activate the partner interface.
Partner invites new clients using referral link, or coupon code.
Referral link can be found in your personal account in the affiliate section. Coupon code can be requested from us or you may self generate them through API.
We recommend to write meaningful messages in the forums and blogs, share the link with business friends in the where may be necessary online consult on the website.
We do not encourage spam. If the partners will be known in the application of any form of spam, we will be are forced to take action. As in the case of links and in the case of using the coupon code, the customer will install a cookie identifies it in the future like your customer, this means that if he decides to register later, the system recognizes it as your client.
When a customer to pay for the tariff, a partner will be notified by e-mail with information about the your account balance.
All the relevant information can be seen in the affiliate interface.

Privilege for customer

If a customer comes on the ref-link, them will automatically get a 14 days free access to the system (usually 7 days) on a single operator.
Partner can promise and provide support, set Code to the site, the system configuration for the client,
change the design of the chat and call buttons for website design including a set fee for this.

Coupon code to attract new customers for your service

This is an easy way to get competitive advantage,
you offer your services and as a bonus our coupon with long free access.
If a customer comes from a partner, using the coupon code,
it gets up to 14 days of free access to the system (usually 7 days) per operator.
A partner, in turn, will receive 25% of any amount in payment of the client for the duration of the client with us.
Partner may to create an individual coupon code and increase its duration.

Partners privileges

Partner can make a website and get free access to the system for attracting new customers.
This possibility will be disabled if it is found that the access is used for other purposes.
For purposes other partner can pay access to the system using a fully or partially from accrued fees, if the partner wants to pay the the tariff for the amount exceeding the accumulated deductions, the tariff can be paid out of any available existing payment method.

Earnings with wholesale tariffs

Partner buys access the required number of operators or a dedicated server, and then:
1. connects its customers to the system of earning on the difference (used for design studios and CMS);
2. connects to the system its operators and earn on consult on certain subjects;
3. connects its operators to the system to support the clients of the you business;